Saturday, January 01, 2005

Happy New Year!

Hi everybody. I'd like to take away this little bit of webspace to whish you guys, your friends and family all the best for the upcoming year 2005. Let's all make it good one. You know, lot's of movies and stuff ;-)

Greetings from Holland,

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

New movie from Kinst VonSterga

Hi guys,

Kinst VonSterga has released what I think is a very nice movie. Get it here.


Featuring some of GPL's finest head-to-head racing online, WTDA recaps Mybroga's Season 9 finalé at historic SPA‘67.

Monday, July 12, 2004

Brief intro

Hi all. It's me Biek ;-) I thought it was appropriate to give you guys a heads-up on who I am and what I'm doing here as I don't suspect anyone knows me or my alter ego Otto Verstear.

I'm a fellow Blogger & GPL driver and came across this GPL Movie Blogger. Now my first impression was 'wow cool, great idea' the one that followed was 'man, they can use a bit of spice on this Blogger'.

So I contacted Jason, explained to him that I'm one of the biggest fans of all GPL movies around and offered my help in making this Blogger look a bit more GPL-ish. He gladly accepted so here I am. As I will only be messing with the way things look, all data will at any time be available to everyone. It may just look a little different from time to time when I try things out.

Please feel free to send me any comments or suggestions you might have at Overstear@gmail.com. Together we'll make it a nice one I'm sure.

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

I need help :(

Hi guys...

So...I have 2 small problems. I've mentioned them already in rsc, but if this is a GPL Movie Blog I think I should make use of it. So the first problem concerns my movie.

Some scenes are extremely stuttering, especially during some slow cam movements. I don't know whether this is normal or not.

Here are my Settings:

Direct Capture 36 fps

Avi Compression:
XviD MPEG-4 Codec
Encoding Mode: 1 Pass - CBR
Bitrate: 8000 kbps

Transcode Settings:
Max Kbps: 2693
Frame Rate: 30 fps
Encoding Passes: ONE
Bitrate Mode: Constant

Gfx Card: Geforce 4 MX 460
P4 2000 Mhz 256 DDR RAM

Next problem deals with my www server. Since the release more than 100 people downloaded my movie. If the traffic rate will rise above 10 gb the server will stop the traffic completely. I won't have any email access til the next month. I will wait and watch cause right now I can't calculate the total downloads. If neccessary I will have to put the movie offline if no one can put it on it's server temporary.

Thx for your help in advance and sorry because of my weak english...I'm an 18 year old school englisch s**** :)


Saturday, June 19, 2004

Let's see if i can do something simple, most likely not.

Step 2 in my quest for global domination, see if i can add more people to the posting list for this blog. So far Johhny X wasn't able to, whether that's his fault or mine, i'm not sure. So brilliant me add's myself as another member. How sad am i. Let's see what this button does.........