Saturday, January 01, 2005

Happy New Year!

Hi everybody. I'd like to take away this little bit of webspace to whish you guys, your friends and family all the best for the upcoming year 2005. Let's all make it good one. You know, lot's of movies and stuff ;-)

Greetings from Holland,

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

GPL movies forum

I've set up my own GPL/Nascar movies forum since RSC went belly up. Come join the chat over here GPL Movies forum

Sunday, December 05, 2004

Movie comp at RSC

Some of the GPL/Nascar movie makers have had a little comp for some fun. Movies had to use 'outrageous' music. More details here. Movies comp thread

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Jimmibo's movies back online

One time master movie maker Jimmibo has come out of hiding to announce his movies are back online. Even though the newest is almost 3 years old, they still hold up well, apart from not having all the new carsets. Totally entertaining and full of action. If your into 'crash' type movies, check them out. Jimmibo's GPL movies

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Things in the works...

September 22... its been almost a month since Josef released his latest movie, and just a little bit longer since the rest of us have put anything out.

It's the fall and everyone is getting back into the routine of work/school. (or for very few of us, work AND school! ;) ) So we can expect a little drought for the time being.

Had a small chat with Jason this morning; he cought me in my 8:00 am networking class which wasn't all the fun to begin with, (sorry for being half asleep Jason) but he did shed some light as to what some of you guys were working on - which at the moment seems to be nothing specific.

As for myself, im in the planning stages for a new movie, allthough some GPL purists may not be too happy with me: its going to be a NASCAR 2003 season movie.

I've already got some great clips from the offline championship i've been running since the beginning of summer, as well as some online footage as well. i've always been a little iffy on using online footage - mainly because of the warping and hopping effect the other cars have. I've used online clips in some of my other GPL movies, but I play GPL online far less then I do N2003, and when I did my GPL movies, i used the camera to hide some of the warps and hops - this technique works great in GPL because of the layout of the courses - NASCAR on the other hand is a little harder to cope with.

The majority of my footage is from oval racing. Its a little harder to use camera tricks and positions on the track to help alieveate the "online" syndrome. If i had to guess I would say around 1/3 is road racing. That should be more like the GPL movie making that im used to... but this leads me to another small dillema im working on now - How do I make oval racing look entertaining? For the fans in us, thats not a super difficult thing to achieve, but like i've always set out, I want my target audience to be varied. I'll have to work on this some more...

The next thing I have to figure out is music selection. I think I make movies a little differently then the rest. I know a few of you guys use a piece of music as the foundation of your projects. I on the other hand try to focus on a few select clips, then get a piece of music that fits what I want to achieve. By doing things this way I feel that I actually have a bit more freedom in the editing session later on because clips aren't put into positions based on where they "fit" the music, they are placed on where they "fit" my theme.

I usually have an idea of what I would like the intro and the extro to look like. they usually get planned and designed first. after that I find a piece of music that fits, and the middle clips just fall into place. "In a blur" was a perfect example of this method, yet "Name of the Game" and "Born too Slow" were not. both of those were a little more freeformed - which made the results a little more music videoish. Ironic? Maybe, as that was the theme I was trying to create from the beginning...

Ugh, Britney Spears just came on the radio - talk about ruining creativity...

Ok, thats fixed now.

As for the capturing process, I've been experimenting with MSXP and CCM. so far im getting similar results to a GPL movie, which is good. from all the horror stories I've heard about CCM and MSXP in the game i was expecting the worse. only downside i've found so far is the zoom control on CCM - it seems that when you zoom in to far, the ground below you renders farther and farther out. this results in "punching holes" in the polygons the closer they are as i zoom in. Its kind of hard to explain, but anyone of you who've tried CCM in nascar will know exactly what i mean.

Because of this I will have to be very careful with the zoom. Good thing is that I dont use it very often, but I had a great scene setup which required a very high zoom level, and I had polygons popping everywhere... no good. :( I have to work with this some more to get it right. im sure I can find a way around it, but I may need to borrow a third arm... ;)

Forgive the long entry, im just getting some planning down on paper so-to-speak. its also great to share my creative process with everyone. I've never made a movie the same way, so opening the doors to another way always intrests me.

Nothing else that I can really think of right now. Still sitting here planning, and I have a nice intro planned; haven't even touched the ending yet.

Im listening to a few CD's I have to get some creative ideas for music. Since its NASCAR im looking at the rock/bass catagory - maybe something a little harder than im used to, i dont know, but Im open to suggestions like always!

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

New 1965 Movie,YAOL Season by Joelkton

Hi Guys,

Well after pestering you all with questions, I finally finished my first movie. It's based on my league racing. It's not a proper review of the season, but mostly some linked action sequences.

I want to thank everyone who responded to my questions here, you were all very helpful. This forum is invaluable to the first time movie-maker.

In case Lenny Trapp is reading, I gave special thanks in the credits for suggesting the music for the movie. Your lap of Sebring had such great music. When I found out where it was from, I went out and got a copy and really enjoy it.

Well, enough talk. Please download and come back with advice, etc. Now that I'm through with it, there are a hundred things I would do differently, but I'll save those for my next one!


Thanks again,

aka Josef Paul Ward

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

New movie from Kinst VonSterga

Hi guys,

Kinst VonSterga has released what I think is a very nice movie. Get it here.


Featuring some of GPL's finest head-to-head racing online, WTDA recaps Mybroga's Season 9 finalé at historic SPA‘67.